6 Things to Do When Your Internet Goes Down

July 19, 2017

Although I could just as easily write a blog featuring the methodical steps to take when your internet is down and the importance of having a crisis management plan, I’ve decided to take a more creative and realistic route. Here we go:
6 Ways to Kill Time While Your Internet is Down

  1. Play the Dinosaur Game- The dinosaur game (on Chrome only) is dangerously addictive and only appears when your internet is down, or don’t have a connection to a site. To activate the adorable T-rex, press your space bar and jump as many cacti and dodge birds as possible competing against yourself for the high score.
  2. Count Ceiling Tiles- This is a completely pointless yet time-consuming task. So far, I have counted 33 ceiling tiles throughout my office and the front lobby.
  3. Catch-up with Coworkers- I highly recommend trying this before counting ceiling tiles, as it is much more entertaining. But keep in mind some are able to complete work without internet connection so be respectful.
  4. Play Darts- Playing darts is a huge stress reliever. This will be incredibly beneficial for those of you who are work mules and are majorly stressing with the inability to use the internet and work. According to CNN, “Playing darts will certainly increase your concentration ability, decision-making skills, leadership skills, conflict management skills, objectivity skills, reality awareness, individuality, competitive abilities, team building skills, the responsibility of commitment, as well as your performance levels.” If you don’t have a dartboard then you may need to hire a digital marketing agency (our clients can use our dart board whenever they please)
  5. Organize Your Office Space- Clutter is the enemy! An organized office space can help eliminate distractions and foster a more productive environment (as our beloved Marketing Director can attest to).
  6. Indulge- Liquified Creative is always tempting it’s crew (mainly it’s weak Social Media Strategist) and clients with tasty treats whether they be hard candies or fresh donuts. Sometimes it’s okay to indulge in a tasty treat to pass the time. Just do a few laps around your office to work off the extra calories – might as well!

If your company or home has been inconvenienced by the internet outage that is affecting a large portion of the Annapolis area, then it may be too late for you to utilize our 5 suggestions to kill time. However, if you are using your precious data and happen to come across one of our social posts we hope our suggestions help!

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