Sell More Event Tickets With These 6 Liquified Creative Social Media Tactics

September 14, 2017

Unfortunately, most marketing- and event-based social strategies are typically based on the impression that an event’s social engagement only occurs during the actual event in real time. This is a considerable fallacy. If a strategic marketing plan is in place, harness the dynamic power of pre-event social media to promote brand awareness through community engagement which ultimately, increases event ticket sales.
Here are 6 solid, tried-and-true social media tactics that raised market awareness and engagement for client events:

  1. Build event anticipation through specific community-based posts.

The community-specific audience will begin to rely on branded social networks for newsworthy event information which provides an opportunity for big reveals for the event. Get in the practice of building audience anticipation by methodically revealing new event experiences, entertainment, and band appearances, or speaker line-ups. Make posts time sensitive by announcing ticket deadlines and availability.

  1. Share “behind-the-scene” video and pictures. Another way to build event awareness is by revealing setup pictures or “behind-the-scenes” video footage. Grab a friend that owns a GoPro or simply shoot with a mobile phone—the event as it ‘comes to be!’ Consider activities such trucks as they are being unpacked, setup, perhaps even food preparation and rehearsals—everything that is going on ‘just’ for the prospective visitor. Pack even MORE power into the videos by narrating or interviewing participants on what the consumer is seeing—either as you are recording or at your desktop while you are editing.
  1. Interact with followers. Interaction with the brand’s social audience—the community—will increase a real sense of connection between the event and attendees. By interacting with the audience, an important and engaging sense of mutual interest and encouraging conversation is quickly created. The relevant topics that relate to your event will not only define the event but engage and certainly encourage ticket purchases—no one will want to miss out. For example, when hosting a BBQ Battle event, a quiz on “Test your knowledge of BBQ” resonates with the specific audience—painting them an opportunity to ‘picture’ themselves as part of the event. Give users the chance to share their thoughts and converse with others—those will quickly turn into referrals resulting in increased ticket sales.
  1. Host Contests. Contests create event buzz—certainly during the event but especially before the event—because everyone likes to win a little something for their efforts. A contest featuring a ticket giveaway for our client, the National Capital BBQ Battle provided a dramatic amplified increase in social ‘likes,’ and more importantly, a favorable increase in ‘shares’ and ‘comments.’ This simple giveaway increased the event REACH across all the campaign social platforms deployed. 
  1. Include and utilize your sponsors. Always ensure sponsorship tagging—integrate THEIR social communities into the event’s social strategy. Ever heard the saying, “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours?” A consistent ‘shout out’ on behalf of the sponsors speaks volumes toward the likelihood of a sponsor’s return favor which, again, extends event reach. Build the excitement of the branded event with THEIR captured market—share the event with THEIR audience. 
  1. Create an event hashtag. No two little snowflakes are the same but, all those snowflakes stacked up into a six-foot drift can stop a truck! Promoting specific event keywords with respective multiple unique hash tags affords the opportunity to not only track conversations and media that surround the event, but provides a vehicle to carry on event-specific conversations. Conversation creates trust. Trust translates into ticket sales. Hashtags also grant opportunity to create unique ‘content and conversation’ feeds so that others can easily jump into the conversation. “Sounds like a great event,” quickly turns into, “You’re going to the event? Me, too!”

Coordinating an event encompasses so many different variables and details and sometimes, powerful social interaction and engagement can get lost in the shuffle and chaos. Social media should not be the last resort, minimum-effort tactic. Social engagement pre-, during, and post-event should command the lion’s share of your promotional strategy. Social strategies—deployed thoughtfully and with intent to engage correctly—will generate more than considerable awareness and reach—most likely to produce successful results through increased ticket sales. Find out how to successfully kick ass and sell a lot of tickets for your event through Liquified Creative social media promotion today!

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