Creating Your Strongest Email Marketing Campaign Yet

March 5, 2019

Email is still one of the most effective marketing channels available. That said, not every email campaign is equally strong. You need to strategize properly in order to leverage this channel to its full potential. Along with best practices like segmenting lists, personalizing subject lines, and using an email address verifier, the following tips will help you do so. To maximize the strength of your email marketing campaigns, remember to:
Set Goals
Every email you send should serve a purpose. While it’s important to provide your followers with genuinely valuable content, you also need to determine what you want a particular email and campaign to help you achieve. That may be boosting sales of a product, increasing brand awareness, getting subscribers to share your content on social media, and any other goal you may have for your business. You’ll be more likely to use email effectively if you know exactly why you’re using it in the first place.
Determine How You’ll Measure Progress
Monitoring the performance of your email campaigns is key to learning which tactics do and do not work. That said, you need to decide which specific metrics to use when tracking your progress.
For instance, perhaps you’ve designed an email campaign to increase sales of a product. In that case, you would want to track how many people read your emails, clicked the call-to-action link, and made a purchase.
Send Honest Emails
Surveys indicate consumers want honesty from brands. That should apply to email marketing. While it may be tempting to craft click-worthy subject lines that catch your followers’ attention, brand loyalty will suffer in the long run if those subject lines don’t accurately represent the actual content of the emails they’re attached to. It’s better to send emails with subject lines that honestly indicate what your followers should expect from the content in the emails.
Pay Attention to the First Lines
The subject line isn’t the only part of our email followers typically see in their inboxes. In most cases, they’ll also see the first few words of text. Using these first lines to further entice subscribers to open the email is a smart way to enhance your subject lines.
The average time people spend reading individual emails is only about 11.1 seconds. With so much distracting content on the Internet, it’s understandable that your followers may close your emails before reading through them completely if they’re relatively long. That’s why it’s important to edit your content thoroughly before sending any messages. You want to be informative and/or entertaining, but you don’t want to lose a reader’s interest.
Optimize for Mobile
Most email users check their inboxes via mobile devices these days. The small screen format can have a significant impact on the effect your content has. Overwhelm a follower with large paragraphs, and they may not read your email. It’s better to organize it with small paragraphs and formatting elements (such as headers). You should also break up the text with dynamic content, such as images and video.
Again, email is still a very powerful tool for reaching customers. You simply need to know how to use it correctly. These tips will help you do so.

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