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Annapolis Boat Shows

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Navigating Digital Transformation for Maritime Tradition


Anchored in a rich maritime legacy that traces back to its inaugural in-water sailboat show in 1970, the Annapolis Boat Shows have been synonymous with the heart and soul of boating culture for over five decades. Pioneering the convergence of tradition and technology, these iconic shows have evolved into a dynamic platform where enthusiasts can not only explore the latest boat models but also delve into a treasure trove of boating essentials, from cutting-edge equipment to nautical wisdom. Presenting four distinct shows, the Annapolis Boat Shows offer aficionados an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in the maritime universe, compare vessels side by side, and engage with industry experts on the nuances of boat ownership.


In 2010, the Annapolis Boat Shows sought a partner who could navigate the currents of tradition and modernity, leading them towards an impactful digital horizon. Recognizing our local roots, experience in the maritime industry, and expertise in event branding and marketing, they entrusted us with a mission: to breathe new life into their online presence. Their vision was to encapsulate the boating lifestyle, safeguard their heritage, and harmonize the allure of tradition with the innovation of technology.


We began by prioritizing responsiveness – designing and developing a website that would seamlessly adapt to the diverse tides of devices and user experiences. Given the spectrum of boat shows offered, each catering to a unique audience, we designed distinct pathways that resonated appropriately with each intended audience. Exhibitor databases were also developed into the site, creating a virtual harbor where industry players could access show data in one central location. We also integrated a portal for their Cruisers University program, offering skill-enhancing classes between shows. Sponsorship opportunities also found a new home, with strategic placements incorporated sitewide illuminating underwriting opportunities previously untapped.


A digital voyage that honored tradition while embracing new  potential. The website emerged as a dynamic hub, a digital crossroads where enthusiasts and newcomers could embark on a journey of exploration. In a span of just two years, our collaboration expanded as our agency was brought on to manage digital advertising on behalf of all four boat shows. We designed digital banners and orchestrated strategic pay-per-click campaigns, witnessing a remarkable 45% surge in event attendance and online sales.

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