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Classic Theatre of Maryland

education, non-profit

Theater that’s bold and reimagined.


Classic Theater of Maryland produces bold, re-imagined, entertaining and accessible interpretations of classical works, contemporary plays, and musicals with a core commitment to the works of Shakespeare and other major dramatists. CTM is committed to promoting the highest level of artistic excellence, to cultivating the widest possible audience, and to contributing to the economic and cultural growth of their community, state, and region.


As part of Liquified’s 2019 Annapolis Gives initiative, Classic Theatre of Maryland (formerly Annapolis Shakespeare Company) was chosen as a recipient of the pro-bono branding and design project. At the time, the theater was undergoing a name change that would better represent their presence in the community, as well as better encompass the full scope of their productions. And what better way to complement a name change than with a fresh new logo?


Our team led an in-depth discovery session with CTM in order to discover more about the history and background of the theater, their mission and vision, as well as what their goals for the new brand entailed.


A modern and clean, yet humanistic logotype. Using red as a primary color in the logotype intends to showcase passion and energy, which are two defining characteristics of the theater and their performances.
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