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CSSIM – Center for International Security Studies at Maryland

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Developing a Centralized Source for Cyber Safety.

Visualized Research Designed to Educate Policymakers

The Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland (CISSM) is a division within the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy Department dedicated to conducting research, informing policymakers, and helping current and future leaders find creative solutions to complex global challenges.


Design and develop an application for users to provide data and statistics on cyber-attacks and security initiatives in a centralized location for use by students, researchers, and staff.


Keeping in mind the different audiences who would be using the platform, our team developed the app from the ground up to include multiple layers of functionality for both administrators and end-users. Our team also ensured consistent brand standards with UMD’s master brand when integrating project components such as visualization of data, and filterable searches.


Liquified developed a first-of-its-kind application that provides a centralized and comprehensive dataset of cyber-attacks in a highly visual format. Our development team even included the functionality to allow end-users to export the entire database with ease as a resource for educators and researchers.

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