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Energy Support Services

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A Clean Look for Clean Energy.


Energy Support Services (ESS) is a solar asset management company that installs and maintains solar photovoltaic systems for residencies and commercial businesses across the United States.



Design and build a new website and modify their existing brand logo to attract new clientele.


Adhering to the specifications requested by the client, our team designed and developed a responsive website utilizing a modern UX/UI design approach. To ensure a highly engaging, visual experience, we incorporated drone footage and custom brand photography. Additionally, our design team utilized complementary colors to modify the current logo and revised iconography to appeal to the client’s audience.


Our team designed and built a WordPress-based website focusing on core UX/UI principles that adhere to ESS brand standards. These efforts increased traffic to their website as well as average time on site per user, achieving their goal of growing their client base and engaging with their existing one further.

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