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HM2 Buck for Hope Foundation

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Fighting for Justice: Making Sexual Assault in the Military Known

HM2 Buck for Hope Foundation

HM2 Buck for Hope Foundation is a private operating foundation devoted to raising awareness surrounding mental health and sexual abuse in the military. A family lost their son, a service member who was sexually assaulted by members of his platoon, to suicide. To their dismay, they soon discovered that tragic stories like their son’s were all too common. This led to the founding of HM2 Buck for Hope to raise awareness surrounding the alarming amount of sexual assault in the military, as well as helping to support affected victims.


Design both a corporate brand package to support ongoing operating efforts, as well as branded event collateral to promote their initial kickoff fundraising event.


Our team expanded on the foundation’s initial brand concept to establish a definitive voice aimed at creating awareness about this remarkable organization. We utilized statistics from the 2020 United States Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response report to reiterate the severity of this issue and incorporate findings into the brand messaging and creative. Our agency also provided public relations efforts, media buying services, and traditional and digital ad creative to facilitate expanded awareness.


In collaboration with the HM2 Buck for Hope founder and her team, our team’s efforts allowed them to expand their efforts and create a footprint to better advocate on behalf of victims. The event generated a significant influx of donations and increased awareness about the foundation’s mission.

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