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Design + Develop E-Commerce Websites for Hyper Bikes, Hyper Toy Company, and SNAFU

Redefining Pure Performance

Hyper caters to the heartbeats of extreme sport bikers with its array of BMX racing frames and accessories. Riding on the momentum of their popularity, Hyper expanded its horizons to encompass Hyper BMX, Snafu, and Hyper Toys.



The mission was crystal clear – design and develop a comprehensive suite of e-commerce websites unifying the essence of Hyper Bikes, Hyper Toy Company, and SNAFU. Operating across both the US and Canada, the challenge lay in creating platforms that not only resonated with their audience but also maintained brand consistency and facilitated seamless online transactions and registrations for their diverse product range.


The journey commenced with Hyper Bikes and SNAFU sites, capitalizing on the realm of online sales. Drawing inspiration from high-octane sports events, the spirit of extreme product offerings, and affiliations with Nitro Circus and events like the X Games, our design ethos exuded Gen-X appeal. The canvas became a vibrant blend of adrenaline-infused visuals, mimicking the dynamism and flair synonymous with extreme sports. Our design language embraced boldness, compelling imagery, and creative angles, encapsulating the vigor and ardor of both sports and products.


Our collaboration yielded a resounding success. In a mere three months post-launch, online sales surged twofold, propelling Hyper’s reach beyond virtual realms. The momentum put their products onto the shelves of retail giants like Walmart and Target, catalyzing international product sales. The dynamic websites, infused with passion, vision, and creativity, became pivotal in spearheading Hyper’s transformation from an online entity to a powerhouse presence in both virtual and tangible landscapes. The strategic fusion of design and technology catapulted Hyper into an entirely new league, igniting the passion for extreme sports and driving commercial success.

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