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Leadership Anne Arundel

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Inspiring the Next Generation of Community Leaders.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Community Leaders in Anne Arundel County

Leadership Anne Arundel (LAA) is a nonprofit committed to educating, inspiring, and fostering a growing network of community leaders within Anne Arundel County.


Refresh LAA’s existing branding and messaging that coincide with the evolution of the organization within the community.


Through a collaborative process with key stakeholders, our team worked to refresh their brand messaging in a way that would ultimately maintain familiarity among program alumni, key stakeholders, community thought leaders, but also appeal to future program members and the next generation of community leaders.


A clean and modern brand aesthetic that portrays the organization in a way that is true to its core missions and value while upholding relevancy within the community. We also designed created various assets to support these efforts that included business cards, print ads, a promotional video, sponsorship packages, event signage, and more. Liquified Creative remains active in the organization through program enrollment, thought leadership, board participation, and event programs.

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